shades captor – Chapter 11

shounen-ai/BL, webcomic


Shaurice investigated the case of a man haunted by his sister.

“Why did she kill herself? Was it something to do with you?”

Chapter 11 – flowing longing 2

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I made a summary on what happened so far in Arc 1. Hope this will help those who feel confused with this series a bit 🙂


Wang Wei (nickname Xiao Wei) was just another school boy, if somewhat a delinquent. His parents passed away, so he was staying with his uncle’s family. His aunt hated him, his uncle genuinely cared for him but too spineless in front of his wife. His cousin, Mi Sheng, was a goody two-shoes (at least he appeared so), and was the only one Xiao Wei actually got along with in that household.
One day, during a fight with some boys from another school, Xiao Wei stumbled into a doorway to the Netherworld (something he obviously shouldn’t have been able to do) and met Feng Ming. Feng Ming introduced him to Shaurice and Richard, who worked with him in dealing with paranormal activities (what they specifically do will be explained in later chapters). At first, Xiao Wei turned down the offer to join their team. But then, he got kicked out by his aunt, and had no choice but to become roommate (and maybe teammate) with the trio.
During their first trip to the Netherworld together, Xiao Wei and Feng Ming were attacked by a mysterious person who could control the ghosts there. Feng Ming was injured and fell unconscious, but Xiao Wei somehow managed to get the two of them back to the living world (again, something he shouldn’t have been able to do). Shaurice had some suspicion about this, but he let it go. He also told Xiao Wei about Xiao (“Xiao” here is a name, whereas the xiao in “Xiao Wei” is an honorific similar to -kun), Feng Ming’s lover, who died mysteriously two years ago. Meanwhile, Feng Ming dreamed of Xiao, who looked strikingly similar to Xiao Wei.

8 thoughts on “shades captor – Chapter 11

  1. I’m looking forward to read the new chapter, thank you very much for your continued hard work on this series, as well for the summary you made!!

  2. that actually really helped, thanks! I hadnt realized that page was a dream of the lover, i thought it was xiao himself, haha.. and since the names are so hard to remember i hadn’t realized the lover and xiao had the same name haha..

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