shades captor – Chapter 16

shounen-ai/BL, webcomic


“I really want everything to disappear.”

“It’s only a matter of time until I leave him.”


Some clarification: Feng’s ex-lover’s name is Xiao (曉 – means “dawn”). And Xiao Wei’s (小蔚) name is Wei (蔚 means “vibrant” – hard to find an equivalent English word for this one, but it basically means colorful and brilliant, like what you see through a kaleidoscope) . Xiao – 小 is a Chinese honorific equivalent to the Japanese kun.

So basically, the main character of this story will be Wei-kun should this be a manga from Japan; but in reality this is a manhua from China, so he’s Xiao Wei 🙂

Anyway, enjoy some angsty moment with this chapter! And two characters make a surprise appearance at the end… Guess who?


Chapter 16 – Mi Sheng 2

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