Save the World in 80 Days – Chapter 31 (END)

shoujo, webcomic


What exactly is the whale? And will the world be destroyed?


So here it is, the finale.

From the light-hearted tone in the first few chapters, this story had gradually turned quite dark; by the time the death of Yiluo’s could-be friend occurred, everyone must have realized that this was not such a light read as it first appeared. Some might have been disappointed, but we hope many of you readers have enjoyed this ride as much as we did 🙂


The closure of “Save the World in 80 Days” also mark our first complete series!!!!!

Thank you Schombert, for being such a pro and providing such wonderful translation. This story was not easy to translate, but you breezed through it all, going from poetic verse to scientific explanation like nothing. We absolutely wouldn’t make it without you!

Thank you Guri, for your work in proofreading and cleaning all the chapters, especially cleaning. All those colored pages you cleaned, that was magical! And to think that you had only started Photoshop for a (very) short time when we began… Simply unbelievable!

Well, this feels rather weird, but I kinda have to give myself some credit as well, for managing to keep deadlines for every single chapter, considering how lazy I was sometimes 0_0. And I won’t ever use that many fonts again, ever!!! >.<

And finally, thank you all of you readers, for supporting us all along ❤ Each like, each comment, each follow meant a lot to us! Please continue to support us and our other projects!

Azura, typesetter, QC


Our new project will come next week (hopefully so >.< this one is quite difficult to work on, editing-wise… Schombert has already translated all available chapters!). It’s another mysterious, mind-riddling story, told through gorgeous full-color pages! Here’s a teaser:



Interested yet? ❤ Stay tuned!!!!


 And (finally!) here, enjoy the last chapter of “Save the World in 80 Days”.

Chapter 31 – The 31st Day, again

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4 thoughts on “Save the World in 80 Days – Chapter 31 (END)

  1. Thank you for the hard work! This series was amazing.

    Even though, I am still quite confused with the ending? Like I don’t know I am confused with that ending. Like is it supposed to be like that? IIOpen-ended?

    And I am missing my precious child Lang already.

    Thank you for your hard work and I can’t wait for Shades Captor and the new series. Seems very interesting.

    1. There’s a final page with the author’s note after the “The End” page (my fault, I forgot to add a note to let readers know there’s still a page… >.<) that explained why only 31 days instead of 80 days… Yes, this is supposed to be open-ended; you can even call it "axed".
      BUT, the author is currently working on a new manhua about a boy's journey through a world with no sun, which is suspected to be a sequel of this series. No official acknowledgement from the author about this yet, but the chance is quite big. We also have plan to work on that manhua 🙂

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