Something about “Save the world in 80 days”

shoujo, webcomic

From Azura, typesetter + QC

I just realized I made some mistakes with chapter 30 & 31 of “Save the World in 80 days” >.<

The thing is, there are two announcements from the author at the end of those two chapters, but I forgot to add a note to direct readers there and just put the “Chapter… – End” instead. So, probably most of you haven’t read those announcements yet >.<

The announcement in chapter 30 might be skipped since it’s become irrelevant now, but you should really read the one in chapter 31. It explained a bit about why the story lasted only 31 days instead of 80, and why the author’s new manhua is suspected to be a sequel of “Save the World in 80 days”.

I updated the releases, but here is the announcement in chapter 31 for your convenience (:P):

1. This series has ended, please don’t give anymore monthly tickets so they don’t go to waste.

2. The ending has already been set, so no matter what happens, it won’t change. Fifty days later would come the story of another protagonist wandering in this multi-folded, God-destroyed world, then deflect to another world. However, my energy is limited, and there’s the rule that a comic must run for 9 months before starting charging (those asking for the reason must be new here…). So, it might as well end here.

3. Thanks to U17 giving me work and helping me achieve learning opportunities these past few years, I was able to get through graduate school.

4. Every time I drew too much that it made me want to spit blood, this group talked me through it. Every time Editor Chuan Yaye talked with me, I made him angry. Master Cloud and Master Cinnabar were always annoyed by my begging for advice, but still assisted me even though they had their own drafts. I would whip Houqi, and Qianzi Niang were whipped twice a month by me. My mother would call and ask each time, “When will the world be destroyed?” Your lives were not very easy. Thank you very much for all the support and encouragement for such a long time.

5. I will start a new manhua, but don’t push me. =A=


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