shades captor – Chapter 23

shounen-ai/BL, webcomic


“If he wanted the world, even if I had to sacrifice everything, I would personally hand it to him.”


Starting from this chapter, “Xiaowei” will be used instead of “Xiao Wei” to avoid further confusion. Anyone who missed the post explaining the names, check out the Scanlator Note in this chapter ๐Ÿ™‚

From now on, focus will shift back to Xiaowei’s storyline; he’s the main character, you know! Hope Shaurice and Richard’s fans won’t be too disappointed! (This is not a Sherlock fanfic guys! :P)

And! Don’t complain about how some characters look exactly the same yet! It will be explained… in the next chapter! (not this one :D)

Anyway, enjoy!


Chapter 23 – Falling Apart 2

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8 thoughts on “shades captor – Chapter 23

  1. โ–‘โ™กโ–‘โ”ณโ”ฃIโ–‘Aโ–‘โ“ƒโ–‘ะšโ–’โ€โ–’ะฃOะฆโ–‘โ™กโ–‘

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