Fox Tales (Complete)

manhua, shoujo, webcomic


Fox Tales

By 途途tutu

Genre: Shoujo, Historical, Fantasy

Original webcomic:

Four little tales of fox spirits and human.

Please read from left to right.

If you like this series, please come to the original link. Higher view count does benefit the author.

Here we bring you another series!

This one is about the relationships between fox spirits and human. Be it China, Japan or Korea, fox spirits always have a unique standing: each country has a tale or two about these infamous fox spirits. They can be both good and bad, revered and scorned, but they’re always known for their intelligence and beauty. Enthralling creatures!

This series has a rather different style from what we’ve done so far, and it will surely leave some of you feeling “wtf?”, but we hope you will enjoy it nevertheless 🙂

Chapter 1: Winter – Fur

Download | Read online

Chapter 2: Spring – Prince Yao

Download | Read online

Chapter 3: Summer – Meng Po’s Mushroom

Download | Read online

Chapter 4: Autumn – Untitled

Download | Read online

Batch download for all 4 chapters: Fox Tales


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