shades captor – Chapter 46 (End)

manhua, shounen-ai/BL, webcomic

thenonames_shades-captor_chapter46_04 (2)

Final chapter!

So, here comes the end. There is a chapter 47, but it’s just a compilation of fan arts, so the story officially ends here.

This ending might leave you unsatisfied, but let’s just take it as a kind of open-ending! ^ ^


This also marks our first complete BL series!!! ❤

Lots of thanks to our wonderful staff: Jiyu, Ju, Guri, and Azura. Without you this won’t be possible!

And lots of thanks to all of you, our readers, who stayed and supported us til the end. Your support really motivated us to continue our work!


Aaand, this is our new BL series, a gorgeous story in full color! Stay tuned, it should come out pretty soon! 😀

04 (2)

And now, please enjoy the final chapter of shades captor 🙂

(Batch download will come in a couple of days)

Chapter 46 – Wires (End)

Download | Read online


14 thoughts on “shades captor – Chapter 46 (End)

  1. Congratulation on your first BL complete series and a big Thanks to all whom worked so hard to bring us this wonderful story.
    Now I will re read the hole series in one go.
    Waiting eagerly for the next BL project.

  2. Hello, congrats, it was a long one and me too i’m going to read it all now that’s finished !! thanks a lot for your work and good luck for the next one !! color project !! interesting

  3. Thanks for completing this! Finally I can go read it.

    And, whoa, a BL where both characters are pretty, and not just the uke? Cool!

  4. Thank you so much for this project! ❤
    You've been amazing and incredible to us (your readers aka fans) !! I love you so much <
    Again, congratulation on finishing this series!! * big hugs and big kisses* ^^
    I really looking forward to your new BL project in the future 😀

  5. Congratulations to all your staff for the completion of your first project, it’s quite an accomplishment 😀 Thanks again for all your hard work!

  6. Thank you so much! You guys have done a great job! The ending really leaves us hanging but oh well, we can only hope for a continuation. Again, thank you!

  7. Hi , Sorry to bother , but I was checking the official webpage of this manga and apparently there are new release guess the the artist will continue the serie ,I tried to read it but I just close the browser almost cried because i didn’t understand anything ; don’t know if you will continue to translate the new chapters but I am really looking forward and thank you thousand times for bringing this series to us .

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