Crossing the Boundary – Twins | Prologue

manhua, shounen-ai/BL, webcomic

thenonames_twins_chapter00_04 (2)

Crossing the Boundary – Twins

By Heimai

Curiosity led Luo Wei to explore the forbidden cave on his school grounds. There, he discovered a pair of mysterious twins fleeing a plague. Little did he know that the cave is a portal to another world — things are not as simple as the twins make them out to be…

Warning: This is a BL story, meaning it has homosexual content. Don’t bother if you’re allergic 🙂

Here comes our second BL project! This is just a super short Prologue (Yes, super short. You have been warned!), but we hope it will rouse your interest in the series. Chapter 1 will come out next week (hopefully :P), so stay tuned!

By the way, this one has the same author as Clotho (another of our project, sadly kinda dropped by the author)! This one was written before Clotho and is complete, so don’t worry!!!


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