Angels Tears – Chapter 1

angels tears, manhua, release, shoujo, webcomic


 “The love you have for me cause you to fall into Hell. The love he has for me made him fall apart. And my love for you turned into tears that splashed down across the Earth. Never to be seen… A millennium of bloody battle, the sound of a melodious flute, a thousand years of deep sorrow. I still open my eyes, quietly watching fate and how it will plays tricks on you… on all of us…”

The official summary may be a little vague so here’s mine: Sudi, the traveling performer and Blackie, the talking cat meet up with a mute named Dummy and they all go out in search of the Angel’s Tear… and make some cash along the way.

This has been my pet project for quite a while and this has been the first series I have fully translated. I hope everyone enjoys it!

Also, since this entire series is finished you can look forward to double or triple releases every week! Thanks to Azura for giving me the time to work on it as well as cheering me on for the past six months!


Chapter 1 – Griefless 1

Download | Read online


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