Lunar New Year Release! # 1: Looking for Clotho – Chapter 5

manhua, shounen, webcomic


“Who will be able to live? Will it be Black or White…?”

You may or may not know, but today is the first day of the Year of the Monkey according to the Lunar Calendar! To those who celebrates it, Happy New Year!

Coincidentally, this week we somehow managed to finish more chapters than usual. So, I decided to have a small “Release Fest” to celebrate the New Year!!!

And here’s Release #1: Looking for Clotho Chapter 5!


Thanks to a friend who is re-translating Clotho into Russia, we discovered that Clotho has already been out-of-hiatus for quite some time. The author stopped release it on u17 and seemed to have switched to buka for the official release channel instead. Buka is a manhua (and manga?) reading app (for both Android and iPhone), so we can’t post the link for everyone to come and support the author as usual. But if you can, install the app and follow Looking for Clotho to show your support!

And for those who missed the news Guri posted a short while ago, Looking for Clotho is getting popular enough now that a plan for an anime was started!

Now, onto the release!

Chapter 5 – The World is not Weiqi

Download | Read online

(Yes, it’s a full, almost-40-page chapter!)


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