Angels Tears [Arc 2 Start] + Some Updates

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Then, it’ll be another hand.

FINALLY we start the second Arc of “Angels Tears”! It’s time for us to go back and see how Raphael became the way he is now. The first few chapters of this arc are fairly dark so beware.

(Chapter 1) Download | Read online

As for our other updates:

First, we have an official Tumblr page now! It is still a WIP, but I (Guri) will try to be fairly active on there. It will include weekly updates, doujinshi voting (more on that in a minute), links for cleaning and redrawing streams, and other posts that don’t fit with our official site on WordPress.

As for the state of our current releases:

  • Twins will continue to be put on Hiatus until we can recruit a new translator.
  • Looking for Clotho may be put on Hiatus due to an official English release in the near future.
  • Angel Tears will Resume weekly releases.
  • Judgement Road will Resume releases in the coming weeks. I am currently working on cleaning and proofreading (this chapter is a whopping 99 pages so bear with me).
  • A new Yuri on Ice Doujinshi is in the process of being translated. Release TBD.
  • The sequel to Eros: Captured in the Pleasure Garden may come out in August according to the artist’s statements.

Speaking of doujinshi, I want to experiment with a new feature for our group. Over the last few months I’ve gathered quite the collection of Chinese doujinshi and I am eager to start translating them. However, I want to put it out to our supporters which doujin we should work on!

The voting will be in two parts. Part one will be to vote on which fandom we translate for and the second will be which book from within that series we translate (if there is more than one book). I hope to start the first vote towards the end of July or early August as that is when I will get a large order of doujin in the mail.


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