Doujin Translation Voting- Blind Series Round


Vote for which series you want doujin translated from! Vote as many times as you like. If the winning series has more than one book, we’ll have a round two. For now, you may vote as many times and for as many series as you like. Good luck!

NOTE: I love all these series, but Yuri on Ice has become very popular since I’ve started collecting doujin, hence why there is an outrageous amount of YoI compared to everything else. Trust me, if I could find more series and more books, I would.

Yuri on Ice!!– 26 books
Gen, Yictor/Yuuri, Yurio/Yuuri, & Victor/Yurio/Yuuri

Boku no Hero Academia- 1 book

Overwatch-1 book
Reaper/Soldier 76

Free!- 1 book

Dangan Ronpa 2- 1 book

K Project- 
2 books
Saruhiko/Misaki & Reisi/Saruhiko

Tales of Zesteria- 2 books

2 books

Attack on Titan- 1 book
Mob/Jean & Marco/Jean (Note: Books contains explicit noncon)

Persona 5- 1 book
MC/Akechi & Shido/Akchi (Note: Book contains explicit noncon)

Tiger & Bunny- 
1 book
Jake/Ivan (Note: Book contains heavily implied noncon)

Natsume’s Book of Friends- 
1 book

Owari no Seraph-
 3 short comics
All Mika/Yuu or Yuu/Mika

Tokyo Ghoul- 
4 books
Gen and Tsukiyama/Kaneki

Next round I will provide a catalog of the book(s) from the series including the number of pages, rating, pairing and shot description of the book.


As always, if you know of a good place to buy Chinese doujin, we’d love to hear about them so we can grow our collection and hopefully bring you more books and translations. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to vote!


7 thoughts on “Doujin Translation Voting- Blind Series Round

  1. Boku no Hero Academia (I think I have never seen a TodoDeku doujin translated in english so it’s really interesting!) and Haikyuu!! (there will never be too much of KageHina).

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