Judgement Road | Chapter 6 – Mulian Attacks

manhua, shounen, webcomic

“I swore there would come a day when I would tear open the gates of Hell with my own two hands!”


Judgement Road | Prologue

manhua, shounen, webcomic


Judgement Road

By MYsteryLamu [MYstery 落木 ]

Genre: Shounen, Fantasy

Original webcomic: http://www.u17.com/comic/75050.html

Sharing the same body in the Mortal World, having to rely on human skin disguise to get by after losing the Invisibility Jade charm… They are the Messengers of Death, the smiley giant moth Bai Wuchang who is cunning as a fox, and the fiery-temper Hei Wuchang who is an expert in losing equipment.

Let’s take a look of the Human World through their eyes!