Crossing the Boundary – Twins | Part 17 – Betrayal (2) & Part 18 – Action (1)

manhua, shounen-ai/BL, webcomic




Crossing the Boundary – Twins | Part 16 and Collaboration announcement

manhua, shounen-ai/BL, webcomic

Here we bring you a double release of Crossing the Boundary – Twins, 2 chapters of Part 16!

This release would not be possible if not for the help of 5o5 Scans, who will be working with us on Twins from now on! Hopefully with this collaboration, we would be able to release Twins more frequently 🙂

If you want to, you can say thanks to 5o5 Scans on their Discord server or Tumblr. Make sure to check out their series too!

And now onto the main dish:

Part 16 – Unstrained Wine

1: Download | Read online

2: Download | Read online