Meet us!

We are just a small group dedicated to scanlating Chinese webcomics. There’s nothing else to say 🙂 Hope you would enjoy our works!

We are not against re-translating our projects into other languages, but please let us know 🙂 You can contact us through:


Facebook Twitter Tumblr

Or just comment here!

Currently we have 8 members:








Cakes and chocolates are things you can bribe me with so I will be on your team for world domination or the elimination of evil warlords. I enjoy outdoor adventures but I love staying in at night too with a pot of floral tea and a good book or manga!






I love cats, chocolate and the color red. In my spare time, I basically live in my hoodies and sweats while eating junk food and watching anime.



Proofreader + Editor


Wastes way too much time playing video games. Would like to become a princess or an acrobat, but enjoys napping and snacks too much to do that.



Proofreader + (sometimes) Editor 

Dish but with severe chuunibyou

Dish is a sparkly red plate of unknown source matter. They sometimes float, sometimes scream in fear and terror at the abyss of human knowledge that fills us with existential dread, and sometimes die suddenly. Is also a part time pirate. Pleasegimmeramen&goodartthanksbye,;,



Editor (Part-time)

She has her own scanlations group, but is kind enough to come help us from time to time~





Typesetter + QC

Liz remade

Perpetual dreamer. Chronic night owl. A bit paranoid (?). Like to ramble (>.<). Actually rather scatterbrained… Use too many exclamation marks and emojis!





Shy but very friendly. Love dogs, sweets and color brown ^o^)/ (like reallyyy loves color brown) Loves reading manga and watch anime (BNHA, TG, OPM, etc) and YouTube (owo). Always eat dessert before meal.


Jiyu (inactive)


calbee potato thing(1)

Curses too much, enjoys pretentious fashun shows and even more pretentious literature. Big fan of socks and pink nipples (!).
“The pic is from an abandoned art homework, added the bubbles just for this staff section <3”


Ju (inactive)




Frankxx (inactive)



Hello there, I’m Frankxx

17 thoughts on “Meet us!

  1. Literally speaking, your scanlations are great. I’m currently reading shades captor and am really happy. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi,just stumbled upon this website,great scanlations BTW
    anyway may i request a manhua over here?(i’m not sure who do i message to but i’m just going to leave it here ><)
    古惑仔 (teddy boy)
    maybe this website could help you in your scans (it's website that has the man hua but it's in chinese)

    1. Yep you can just leave it here 🙂
      We’ll consider this series when one of our current ones end. If there’s a staff interested, we’ll work on it ^ ^

  3. Hello guys!

    First off, I want to thank you guys for your hard work on translating Shades Captor \o/ I’ve been enjoying reading it alot and it wouldn’t be without you guys so really, thank you alot! I have a request tho if you guys don’t mind? Can you guys translate this manhua too?

    It’s from the same author of Shades Captor and I’ve been really intrigue by it. So hint me up if you guys are considering for it!

    1. We actually do know of this series 🙂 We will consider working on it once it’s finished.
      Just so you know, there hasn’t been any updates since March, so it’s very likely the series has already been dropped 😦

  4. Hello, guys! Thank you for your hard work!
    I’m sorry for being cheeky, but I have suggestion concerning manhua. Could you please pick the Ni Ming Shi series? Firstly it was scanlated by the OSTNT team, but recently they announced indefinite hiatus. So maybe you could provide readers with translation instead?

    1. We can add it to our list of possible series to pick up in the future. After one of our current series ends/goes on hiatus we can look into talking to OSTNT to see if we can continue it. If they agree and our team is interested we will start translating it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  5. Hello, I sent a message to your facebook page last month but there’s no reply, only “Seen” 😦
    Can our group re-translate “Judgement Road”, “Save the World in 80 Days” and “Chaos Theory” into Vietnamese language?

    1. Hello!
      We’re really sorry for the delay >.< !
      We are re-checking within ourselves, and will reply to you soon!
      Thank you for supporting us 🙂

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